Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doll Dress

 I made this doll dress! on my sewing machine that my dad found on the side of the road. it still works and i just got it out again and found a free pattern. For me this is a great accomplishment since my mom doesn't sew:). both my grandma's do but not my mom. She says it skipped a generation:). I had a couple of problems with the sewing machine but luckily my nana was coming the next day so she helped me and then i finished it.
 My dolls bangs are messed up because i tried to wash her hair several years ago when i got her. So i tried to fix her hair in a way that the bangs were hidden.
 The pattern for the dress
random picture i took of beatiful flowers mom stuck in a vase(the vase is from maine. My aunt and uncle gave it to mom because their children stayed with us part of the time.) I love this picture!

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