Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sibling Happenings

I just wanted to let you in on what my younger siblings have been doing lately... (along with playing out in the snow) So here's a sneak peek!
Legos! My brother especially but also my sister like to create things out of Lego.
This cool truck was done by my brother with very little help from my dad. In other words, Seth thought it up and made it without instructions.

 Complete with tool drawers on the side.

 The cool thing about this truck is that the front wheels can be turned with gears....you normally couldn't do that with regular Lego wheels. The gear ↓ hidden in there
 And recently for his birthday he got the game Caroms (I do not know how to spell that :P )
  And Erika's Lego creation....a house she built with her friend and Seth.

Complete with a garden!

 So...I just wanted to tell you a little about that...

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