Friday, December 21, 2012

D.C. in December!

This is my 3rd(?) trip to DC but my 2nd time in December! One of my friend's grandparents have time share and so we even got to stay in a nice Hotel! (or is it called motel? I don't know:) )
Here are two of the MANY pictures I took!

Washington Monument from the steps at the Lincoln Memorial
The White House through a fence
Places I went:
~National Zoo~
~American History Museum~
~Library of Congress~
~Hershorn Art Museum~
~Lincoln Memorial~
~Vietnam Memorial~
~Women's Memorial~
~World War II Memorial~
~The White House~
~Natural History Museum~
~Supreme Court~

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  1. I LOVE those pics! I remember you taking them. Worked so hard for that White House pic! LOL