Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Creation Museum

A month ago...yeah, a month :)....we took a trip to the Creation Museum in a 15 passenger van with homeschool friends. Their were 12 of us. Our first stop was Johnstown (the flood town), but I'll post pictures of that in another post :). Then we headed to Kentucky for the Creation Museum. We had an amazing time! This museum goes over.... (the 7 C's in God's Eternal Plan...)
And a couple other things.
(This is us out front)
 But first we saw a couple animals that were awesome.

And saw a couple things about archeology. What are you digging up?
The bones are what they found of what they think proves evolution....monkeys to people....see how many ways you can interpret those bones? Those could still be the bones of a monkey. They don't HAVE to be a monkey human, like some people say.
 Continuing on...

I loved this sign

40 authors, writing over 2,000 years, spoke the SAME MESSAGE.
Scrolls, discovered in the last century, confirm that the ORIGNINAL WORDS have been preserved.
Archeology has repeatedly confirmed that the Bible's HISTORICAL DETAILS are accurate.
Hundreds of BIBLE PROPHECIES have been fulfilled and none has failed.
Above all, the God of Truth, the Creator of heaven and earth, inspired the men who penned the words.

And mom loves this sign:
So first was the Garden of Eden (Creation)
Their was Corruption, then Noah's ark (Catastrophe)

Outside the museum their was a garden....gorgeous even in October!

 A rope bridge
 And a petting zoo!
 We fed the camel...

 And Erika even got to ride it!
 We were also at the Creation Museum as a family 5 years ago....and it was summertime and I got a picture similar to this...
 So this relives five years ago :).

 Oh no, it's a dinosaur!
 There was an awesome insect room....such big variety! I even found multiple insects that were my favorite color!!!!! (greenish blue)

You have no idea how hard it is to pack the Creation Museum in one post (even a big one :P), it was so amazing! We had a great time and hopefully this post sort of sums it up.


  1. It looks so cool! I would LOVE to go there someday! I'm glad you had fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That was such an awesome trip! - Savana