Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beach, and dance outreach!

Yeah! There isn't much to explain except that we (my family and my grandparents) went to the beach and I took lots of pictures☺. Where we stayed (Angola by the Bay) we also went to an inlet off the bay a couple times.
Often times we biked there

 Just sitting and relaxing, or reading, or whatever
 Jellyfish! Yes, it looks a little bigger than it was...
We also went crabbing (but we didn't keep any...they weren't big enough)
They inlet was amazing, but there isn't anything quite like the beach☺ We did have to drive 20 minutes to get there, but that's better than 2 1/2 hours!
 reading on the beach! I was rereading one of the books from the series The Mysterious Benedict Society....they are on my list of favorite books! I definitely recommend them!

 nothing like the feel of the water first hitting your feet!!!!!!!!!!
 Erika boogie boarding!

an inchworm we found on our last morning there!

 The little VW bug my dad made for me! My destination: The ocean!!!!
Drive in love☺
phew! That was a lot of pictures☺.
And to finish off our vacation Erika and I took part in a dance outreach in Philadelphia! It was great! Our group performed five dances and then led mini dance classes for kids that wanted to dance.


  1. Cool! I love the sand car thing!


  2. I love the pictures! The car is really cool! That must have been hard to make! We usually just make sand castles and stuff when we go. We are going to the beach on Thursday, and we are going to be camping out over-night! But we are going to Rehoboth, and Cape Henlopen in Delaware!
    Oh, and I LOVE "The Mysterious Benedict Society!"I think my favorite is the third book!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my family likes to make sculptures of different things we've made alligators and dolphins and octopuses and whales. Sometimes they turn out well and sometimes the just flop ;) but it's fun.
      That's sounds so fun! camping at the beach! I just learned you could do that when we were at the beach. And yes, we were at Cap Henlopen also, we just stayed at a place called Angola by the bay, and drove to Cape Henlopen and another beach we like, called tower beach. And I'm not sure which my favorite is...that's tough!

    2. Wow! It sounds like your family is really good with sand! I wish we could stuff like that! :P

  3. I also love the Mysterious Benedict Society. If it weren't for me you wouldn't be reading it! LOL