Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Room Makeover!

Okay, well maybe not a complete makeover, but it feels like it! For my birthday my parents are letting me paint my room. My birthday isn't until February 17th but we did it ahead of time anyway☺. We (Dad and I....I couldn't have done it without him☺!) painted and I got a new comforter. I'm planning on making curtains yet but I just wanted to post about what is finished already!

You can't post about painting a room without doing a before picture☺! I had already brought all my furniture into the middle getting ready to paint.
Dad Drywalling....
Painting the Ceiling!
Picking a Color!!!!!!!!!!!☺
Paint Cans
Painting the walls! Finally! No more yellowish gold!☺
One of the funnest parts of the process is taking off the tape and seeing the trim next to the wall.
I painted not only the walls but me also☺
With my beautiful comforter!

 Sorry for so many pictures! It's so hard to pick a small amount of pictures to post for big projects! I also will be making curtains and I will post about them when I make them....Don't expect it to be that soon though☺.
PS I know the walls look closer to blue in the photos but on the wall it looks like it is greenish blue...which it is☺!


  1. Hey it turned out so pretty! Oh and i had the same shirt too! But it shrunk or the other way around! Lol!

  2. I love your room, Selina! It turned out great!